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When you think of a woman who is badass, what comes to mind?

Maybe Xena or Wonder Woman?

How about Eleanor Roosevelt or Jane Goodall?

Or the woman who runs a local community food drive or the local safe house for battered women?

There are a lot of ways to be badass, but we think the ones that hit closest to home, that help those we care about (and should be caring for), may be the ones that really make the greatest impact. Ninja skills are still pretty cool, but these lesser-known badass ladies tend to make our world better, brighter, kinder, and safer, without having to thrash a single villain or dish out a roundhouse kick.

To celebrate these women, and help them make a difference in the lives of others, we will be highlighting their efforts in conjunction with our badass yarn club.

So without further delay, we present:

The resurrection of the Badass Women’s Yarn Club!

Every other month, your membership will include: one to two skeins of luxury yarn, an exclusive coordinating pattern each by Miriam and Mercedes (double your pattern fun!), and a special surprise gift. USPS priority mail postage to the U.S. is included, and part of your purchase price will be donated to a different nonprofit.

For the history of the BAWYC, click here.

You can sign up using the buttons below, or check out how it works for more information. Use the referral box to get your friend an extra gift! Get extra gifts by referring friends!

Signups have been suspended indefinitely.